She Should Have Been Named

Once upon a time there was a girl,  Who they should have called Athena,  For she was true and wise,  They trembled at her might.  She ought to be called Artemis,  For she was dark and beautiful as the night,  Her arrows were silent,  But she never missed her mark.  They should have called her […]

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In the Silence of the Night

As the girl sat in her window, she realised the silence of the night. All she could hear was the chirp of the crickets and the rustle of the leaves.“I guess every city needs to sleep once in a while,” she thought. The city might have been asleep, but she was awake, a book that […]

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Unpopular opinions on books

I have a lot of unpopular opinions. Not just in books, but everything. Either this, or that I have the most clichéd thoughts. It’s like that quote,” She hates with every fibre of her being or loves with every piece of her heart.”Isn’t this true for all of us? Anyway, now let’s talk books. ( […]

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The Steps of Binging

1. Finding the perfect thing to binge Books Movies TV series And have a spree.  2. Get so absorbed in what you are reading/watching that you forget you have a life. 3. Stay up at night just to finish the thing you are binging and then getting up super early to finish your binge spree. […]

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The Magic in Books

There is something about a room just dedicated to books that takes your breath away and fills you with an inexplicable joy. Ceiling high shelves decorated with aesthetically pleasing books, with their crisp pages, sharp intoxicating scent and the gorgeous scrawl of ink over paper telling an enthralling story.   There is a quote by […]

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