The Wanderer’s Way

( A wanderer’s view on life. Loosely based on one of the stories from a 1001 Nights.) 

I followed the bubbling brook

With many destinations in mind

I followed the Sun and Stars

And the ever changing winds 

I was not lost

I found more adventure than I had my whole life

Trusting my instincts

I found peace and solace

Danger and mystery

In this never stopping world

Who was I not to dare

Just searching for the right place

I battled scorching heat

Snow and hail

Gales of powerful wind

But never stopped 

I scaled the highest peaks

Crossed the seven seas

Ventured through unknown forests

And saw more stars than most

I found several puzzles

And multiple keys without locks 

And many locks without keys

But kept going 

Life was difficult but extraordinary 

And it was great 

But when I reached there 

There was no place I’d rather be

Neither the tallest mountain 

Nor the deepest sea

For I was home

I had travelled the whole world

But never saw any place more beautiful

I met many people

But never met someone who I loved as the people as here

I went all around the world

To realise everything I wanted was here all along

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