A Traveller’s Tale 

Travelling is spending time listening to music watching the scenery fly by. Getting lost and arguing who was responsible for that but then realising that you were on the right road all along. Blasting the radio at full volume and then singing along, not caring about how right it is. 

Travelling is stopping whenever you see a waterfall or a bird or an animal by the road because you have to. It’s looking out of the window at night and seeing the stars and joining them as if they were dots in a colouring book and marvelling their beauty.

Travelling is eating new things in new places and loving then so much that you declare that you could eat that forever. It is learning about new things and telling random facts that you found interesting about that place to others. 

Travelling is visiting beaches, mountains, lakes, oceans and staying spellbound by their majestic grandeur. It is snowball fights in foreign snow covered lands, squealing in delight at the cold and new sensation of the ice. It is the extraordinary world under the sea and waves filled with unknown mysteries. 

Travelling is being astounded by the people, culture, food and diversity of the place. It is the feel of the wind from an open window of the car as it brushes your hair against your face.

Travelling is using your camera to photograph every single possible thing and then spending sometime looking at the photographs admiring your own handiwork. It is the feel of the early sunshine on your skin at the break of dawn or moonlight and starlight at the darkest hours. 

Travelling is finding yourself in a new place with the people with you and the feel of adrenaline at a new adventure. Travelling is about finding home in new places. 

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