The Magic in Books

There is something about a room just dedicated to books that takes your breath away and fills you with an inexplicable joy. Ceiling high shelves decorated with aesthetically pleasing books, with their crisp pages, sharp intoxicating scent and the gorgeous scrawl of ink over paper telling an enthralling story.

There is a quote by Lemony Snicket which says, “When trouble strikes, head to the library. You will either be able to solve the problem, or simply have something to read as the world crashes down around you.” For me, this is will forever be true.

Books give comfort and consolation on dark times. Adventure and adrenaline during periods of boredom. The story always ends up grasping you and taking you so much into the story that it is as similar to you as home. 

The excitement of walking into a bookstore, tipping your head back to drink in the sheer volume of books, a gleam of wonder and a fierce longing to grab all of the books and run out of the store cackling wickedly, “Mine! All of it is mine!” The consequences for so are prison and there are no books there. There goes a bookworm’s plan of owning the largest library in the world. 

There is no way to accurately describe the feel of a bookstore for people. It is the feel of new books under a feather like touch when you drag the tips of your fingers over the spines of books wanting to be read. It is the sudden urge to tell a person who is picking up a true favourite of yours that go to the counter, buy that book because I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I read books like they are air and I am gasping for breath. The words slowly change me, bit by bit. The way on I read in the darkness of the night, because I absolutely had to know how the book ended. Staring in disbelief due the pain I feel for the characters is as a acute as my own.

Blowing the dust off old second hand books and wondering how they landed there. Looking at my own overfilled shelves of books and have a single thought. I need more shelf space for new books. And how I have mastered the art of walking and reading at the same time. 

I read because books help me escape reality into a world where anything is possible. I read because it makes me feel like I am living on the edge whilst sitting in one place, sipping on coffee. I travelled the whole works from my seat, seen places unknown and have never lost the ability to find the wonder on a page with few words. 

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