The Steps of Binging

1. Finding the perfect thing to binge

  • Books
  • Movies
  • TV series

And have a spree. 

2. Get so absorbed in what you are reading/watching that you forget you have a life.

3. Stay up at night just to finish the thing you are binging and then getting up super early to finish your binge spree.

4. Barely eat or sleep. Or do anything else other than binge

5. Finish your binge

6. Mindlessly look around because you are still stuck in the binge world

7. Refuse to belive that your binge has ended

8. Get on with life ( after a long time)

9. Then all that is left do is Binge. Eat. Repeat.

That’s all there is to a binge. Also the fact that you are severely sleep deprived. But coffee, sleep and two days later on a new binge, all is right in the world. 

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