Memories are all I have 

Music blaring in the distance,

Open books filled with writings that mean nothing no more,

A haze of thoughts,

The world seems so bleak. 

Eyes filled with tears,

Everything seems dreary. 

That threaten to spill over,

But I think of you and my promises,

And they don’t.

All I want is for you to come back, 

I still need you. 

Each breath feels like broken glass,

Every moment that passes doesn’t heal,

It simply widens the hole inside,

A scream echoes,

At the thought of your smile,

At the sound of your laugh.

A person reduced to a mere memory,

Will my memory do you justice?

Will I ever be able to think of you without falling apart?

Will I be able to feel happy without guilt?

All I can do is try,

To be better,

To be who you wanted me to be. 

All I can do is treasure the memories,

Hold them close,

Let them light up the dark sky.

Memories are all I have left of you,

Along with a million pictures that make me smile. 

The way I told you all my secrets at night, 

The way you believed in me when no one else did, 

I’ll remember that. 

I’ll remember you when anything happens. 

I’ll see your face in the crowd. 

I promise you that I will never forget, 

I will make these memories stay with me, 

And they’ll show me something of you. 

Whenever I think of you, 

I know you’ll be there, 

That’s who you are. 

Even if you cannot, 

You’ll still be with me in my memories, 

And that’s all I need to get through the day.

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