The Light Bringer

A small lamp with a tiny flame, is the heart of the festivities. For it is the essence of the spirit of the festival, lighting up every street and every corner.

It shines with the hopes and wishes of the holidays, the glory of the ancient ancestors who started the celebrations; with faith in the years to come.

It is bright and lively, like the look in children’s eyes, as they behold the flowers of fire dancing in the sky, each spark scintillating something inside.

It is outside the doorway of each home, not only a guardian, but also greeting every soul who steps within, whose hearts are filled with the joy of revelry.

On the windowsill of a young girl’s room, dressed in the colours of embers in the night, a smile on her face at the thought of the celebrations.

On the dining table of a family, their laughter as rich and vivid as the colours of the flame.

An igniter of each sparkler, passing on its wildfire to the towers of sparks and the flares of the crackers.

The seemingly tiny light, found in the darkest places, giving radiant luminosity to everything it reaches.

For all the lamp does, for the brilliant hope it represents, the faith it kindles within us and the path it illuminates for us; it is truly the light bringer.


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