The sea was the rippled mirror of the sky,
And it beckoned me to come,
I ran towards it.

Like the blue waters could  quench this ineffable yearning within,
The gold flecks of sand and white droplets of foam covered my calves.

It wasn’t enough.

This sea was a place I had known forever,
I had walked into this sea holding my father’s hand,
I had run and jumped in its cold waters after restlessly dreaming of it for months.

Not nearly enough.

I sank to my knees,
The shells on the seafloor digging into my skin,
But the pain was infinitesimal compared to the bliss, the relief, the calm.

The sea seemed to say:
“I’ve known who you are,
When you were a child holding your father’s hand,
The wild soul who leapt and cheered with joy at the sight of me,
When you kneel in my depths,
You pray for salvation and mercy?

Fear not;
The salt in your blood is from the saline waters of me,
The vastness of this is all yours,
You are the true liege of the sea.”

It was still not enough.

The tide crept in,
Soon the waves coated my skin
I laughed as they covered my kneeling form,
And in the waters of the sea,
Head underwater and breaths coming easy.

The sea was mine,
And I was of the sea.

In the sunlight and deep blue waters,
Head bowed and lips parted,
Sand on my skin and under my nails,
Saltwater in my hair and veins,
Sunshine on my head and magic in my being,
After an endless restless search;

I was finally home.

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