The Wolf Within

I’ve got a wolf within Who howls when I see the moon in the night sky Helps me during my troubled times Protects me from all the lies Whose fangs are bared when I am wronged And will never back down during a fight A warrior and a survivor  Hidden beneath the cold exterior The […]

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The Ever Ticking Time

Time, slowly but surely affects us all. The passage of time and the experiences it carries changes us all. In the end, time is everything and everything ends up with time. Sometimes I wish I had a time turner to go back and make up for lost time. Or go back to the good old […]

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I love the rain. There is no other way to say it. I love the cool breeze after a downpour, the delightful scent of petrichor and the raindrops racing down a glass pane. The wet mud nurturing the plants and sproutlings, creating a lush green backdrop. I just want to read, the sound of the […]

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In life we all try to achieve perfection. Try to be perfect. But there is a reason the saying, ‘If you are perfect, you aren’t human,’  is there. Flaws are what make people human. What keeps us grounded. Yet in life we always strive to be perfect. Why is that? Do we do it so […]

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Darkness. The absence of light and goodness. Or so it is told. Why we believe that the world is black and white, and the fact that black is evil and bad and white is good and pure I don’t know. The world has about a million shades of colour in between. Not grey, colour. Life […]

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When someone mentions love the thought that first comes to our mind is romantic love. Like the old classics, cheesy rom-coms or the trashy romance novels. With Valentine’s around the corner, shops are filled with garish red, pink and white decorations, red and pink long stemmed roses, chocolates, Teddy bears and more. All for your […]

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What is hope really? Is it that rush of relief you feel when you know that it isn’t over yet. Or that feeling when something is finally over. Maybe it is the feeling that makes you live through the pain today because you want to believe that tomorrow will be better. Or maybe the feeling when […]

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Mirror Realm

There exists a world parallel to ours and most of us forget that it is there. We use it everyday. Checking how we look before we go out, or to do our hair. Maybe just seeing how much we changed or how others see us. This virtual world that is there behind the looking glass. […]

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My Favourite Things

Like the old classic song ‘ My Favourite Things’ from ‘The Sound of Music’, all of us have our list of things that we like. This is a bunch of things that I like or like to do but don’t expect it to rhyme because that is not going to happen. I love reading books […]

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Symbolic References : The Phoenix 

 Out of all the mythical beings probably one of the most publicised one is the phoenix. The epitome of rebirth and new beginnings. Rising from its own ashes and coming back stronger. Like the saying, ‘It is not how you go down in flames, but how you rise from the ashes.’ Symbolizing eternity and infinity, […]

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